Collateral:  Collecting Your Customer's Information

There are several ways to get your clients' information into boomtime, but we're covering collecting info from clients in person, using Collateral (comment cards, essentially). 

While it may sound dated, it is a really effective way for your clients to remain in touch with you. They are in your business, enjoying your services, and on the strength of that feeling they reach for the comment card on your front desk.

We've made some really pretty card templates all ready for you, so you can just print them out from your boomtime account and have them ready for use, either as plain paper, or printed on fancy card stock for dropping into gift bags or enclosing with purchase receipts - it is up to you!

Go to the Marketing Tab and click on "Collateral" on the left column.

You'll see a bunch of pre-made templates, indicating briefly what is in them and their orientation on the paper.   

Choose one, and then click the "Print or View this collateral Piece" link to view a PDF of one sheet's worth of the form.

Print right from your PDF viewer if it looks good, or save it to your computer for future use.

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