Getting Started

Specify your businesses' general information, from the email address to which Gift Certificate receipts will be sent, to the types of credit cards you will accept, and even the option to set a minimum and maximum dollar amount for Gift Certificates.

Adding Instant Gift Certificate Links to Your Website
The link to the Instant Gift Certificates page is the critical first step to give this fantastic new ability to your customers.

Link Placement
Finding the best place to put your Instant Gift Certificate links is crucial to your selling success.  We can guide you to the best places for getting your customer's attention and send them right to the spot already in a "gifting" frame of mind, credit card in hand.

Mimicking the Look of Your Website
Customize the look of your instant gift certificate page, giving it the same look and feel of your existing website's design. 

Look here when tinkering has backed you into a corner or you're just seeing results you don't expect and you need some guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Help Videos
We have a series of help videos to walk you through some of the features in our system. 

Managing Your BoomTime Account

Start selling service-based Gift Certificates by adding your menu of services to your account.

Process credit cards, redeem gift certificates and otherwise just plain manage all of your gift certificates.

boomtime has an entire tab dedicated to generating reports on the performance of your account, from web traffic to your GC cash balances. Explore the tab and see what useful information you can dig up on your boomtime world.