Website Tags

When editing the text on your website, there are special tags that you can include that will pull information right from your boomtime account - how easy is that?

We use a little word processing plug-in to help with the formatting of your site - if you're familiar with Microsoft Word or things like it, you should be just fine.  If you'd like to see what it looks like anyway, here's a nifty little tutorial out on the web:

Email Tags

It's important to include email addresses in a special way on websites to avoid spammers scraping 'em up. The email tags do exactly that:

Includes your email address as a "Email" link, and would return "".

Your email address, using your email address as the link. This isn't as safe a method to avoid spam.

{java_mail('', 'Email us', 'Send an email to us')}
Creates a link called "Email us" to "" with hover text of "Send an email to us".

Basic Tags

The following tags all pull your information from Basics.

Business name.

Legal business name.

Short business name.

First address line.

Second address line.

{city}, {state} {postal} {country}
City, state, postal and country.

Complete address (without company name).

First phone number.

Second phone number.

One or both phone numbers (if you have both).

Special Tags

Replaces FOUR tags all at once, in this order: company, address, phone, email_address. It includes a link for the address lines to a Google Map for your business.

Link to Google Maps for your address.

includes a listing of your hours from Hours.

Events Tags

Your events are automatically included in the sidebar of your pages. You can also include them elsewhere, if you desire.

Includes all of your Events

Specials only

Occasions only

Announcements only

News only

Big Tags

These are the tags that add big stuff to your website. Your Dynamic Website starts with pages for each of these tags:

Instant Gift Certificates

Appointment Request

Terms of Service

Misc Tags

boomtime="photo_left" in a <div> tag, helps setup the "photo icon" within the Dynamic Website editor. Example:

<div boomtime="photo_left" id="photo_1" max_width="455"><img src="" width="455" height="300" class="photo"></div>

The above is the line used to have a default picture show on the homepage of our boxy template, and includes the proper tags for the "photo icon" in the Dynamic Website editor.