Getting Help

There are several ways to get help with your BoomTime account, from integrating into your website to how to process your orders and everything in between.

1. The Questions That Everyone Asks
Our setup is straightforward and keeps things simple by having the same process apply to just about every customer. This is great for you because it means that at certain points in the process, everyone wants to ask similar questions, and we've answered nearly all of those questions already!
We've put together a list of those questions and their answers so you can print it out and keep it handy for easy reference. Find it here:  Frequently Asked Questions
2. In-depth Topics About BoomTime
Now we get into the nitty gritty, like how to see reports on your website's performance and ways that your logo can be customized. Just about every topic under the sun is answered in our Help Files, starting with the Overview page. Search all of the help files at once with the text box search tool in the upper-right corner of this screen, or view the entire list of topics in our Index. You'll be an expert in all things BoomTime in no time!
3. Email Contact with BoomTime Support Team
For general support inquiries that are not covered by either the help files or our FAQ, email and receive a response within one business day.
4. Phone Support
You've already exhausted the usual avenues of our documentation, setup guides, and help files, yet something is just not working? Some of the friendliest techs you've ever talked to on the phone are available to help resolve your issue.
What to Know Before You Call:
  • Because you're now at high-level troubleshooting, we'd like to know which part of the setup instructions or Frequently Asked Questions was not detailed enough to accomplish your goals.  This information will help us by making support documentation even more useful in the future.
  • Have your BoomTime login information handy, so we can connect to your account while talking to you. We'll take down details, and if you've called before, your history and any unique settings you've configured for your business will then be available to us.
  • Also have your webhost login information available. If there is a problem with your embedded gift certificate links, we might be able to fix them with you, or connect to your account and make the needed changes.
Dial 1-800-940-0402 and you're on your way.