This screen contains the information boomtime needs to bill your account for services rendered.

At the start of each month, boomtime tallies up your last month's online sales and applies our commission structure to those sales. We then use the CC information on the Billing screen to bill your credit card.

Click here to see a report of boomtime billing for your organization!

General Billing Policies

The following billing policies are in affect for your account with boomtime, and are subject to change:

  • boomtime charges for all online GC sales, less GCs that have been voided through boomtime.
  • boomtime does NOT charge for any offline sales you make, nor for Online Booking, which means you can use boomtime to manage your offline GC sales (see below for more information).
  • Any credits or refunds will appear on next month's billing cycle.
  • boomtime's billing policies are subject to its fine print. Please review the terms and conditions located there.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or disputes.

Offline GC Sales

boomtime classifies the GC sales it makes over the Internet as GC Type “Gift Certificate (on-line)”.

More information on GC Types

This means you can use boomtime to manage your retail (or any off-line) GC sales without additional expense to you, and still reap the boomtime benefits of:

  • Automatic tracking of all your GC's, including redeemed and non-redeemed GC's.
  • Management of your GC's.
  • Online marketing to all your GC customers, not just those who purchased online.

Please contact us for any questions on how use boomtime to manage all your organization's GC sales!