Marketing Lists

  1. What They Are

Marketing lists provide an additional segmentation of customers.  Let's say you have 1000 clients on your list, but two kinds of clients - "Spa Clients" and "Spa Owners".  Because those are rather distinctive groups, you may already be sending separate newsletters to each group.  But how about breaking it down in a different way, and giving your clients some choice in the matter?   That's where Marketing Lists come in.

Your account can use any combination of Client Types and Marketing Lists, allowing for finer control over the marketing campaigns.

  1. Marketing Lists vs. Client Type
Clients can only have one Client Type, but they can belong to multiple Marketing Lists. 

Marketing Lists View

  • Marketing Lists can be assigned by you OR chosen by your client at the time that they sign up (if it is a "Sign-up" or "Daily Deals" Marketing List)
  • "Internal" Marketing Lists are for your own personal use, and are handy for identifying groups of clients that might not otherwise group themselves together, such as your entire extended family, or all of the small business owners in your city.
  • Client Types are categories that you assign your clients to either manually or at the time of Client Import - like "Spa Clients" or "Comment Card Respondents" 

To create your own Marketing Lists, go to the Marketing Tab and click on Marketing Lists on the left side. In my example, I'll create 5 of them - two each of Internal and Signup, and one Daily Deal.

For example, say you've set up Client Types of:  new clients, spa owners, and regulars.  Then, you've also set up Sign-Up Marketing Lists of "Offers 2010" and "newsletters", and a Daily Deal Marketing List called "deals".

Marketing Lists On Signup Page

Your client Angelina Spaowner might officially be a Client Type of "spa owners" (assigned by you later on when you recognize her name as local competition), but when she goes to your website she is able to choose from your three public Marketing Lists, and chooses "newsletters" and "deals".  This is great - she is telling you she'd like to hear about your businesses' happenings and also any up-to-the-minute specials that you offer.

(After Angelina has signed up, you also go into her client record and add her to the "Biz Owners" Marketing List - because you'd like to send emails only to the local competition - maybe quick messages about after-hours specials for the industry - anything you'd like!).

Now, when you are creating a new Email Campaign, you'll be able to target it at a combination of Marketing Lists to maximize the interest of your clients.  Here's how our example account looks when creating a new Email:

Marketing Lists On Email Page

  All five of our Marketing Lists are available for selection - choose more than one by holding down your Control button on the keyboard.  To simply send to everyone, just select "All".

You can send to only your "newsletter" clients by selecting that item, and that's all you need to do!

We even let you reverse the logic - say you'd like to send a message to everyone who is NOT on your "deals" list, perhaps to alert them to your Twitter feed or some thing else that might entice them to become a more regular client.  Simply choose "deals" on the list, and then use the checkbox called "Must not appear in selected lists(s)".

We hope you'll have fun with your Marketing Lists and use them to engage with your clients and build both your business but also your connection with your local community and the relationship you have with your public.