Automatic Harms Millennium Integration

Harms Millennium Integration allows Millennium and SpaBoom to talk, so that sales made on your website are automatically entered into your Millennium system, keeping you completely and automatically up to date. If the purchaser does not yet exist in Millennium (as determined by their email address), the purchaser is also automatically added into Millennium.

SpaBoom has prepared an overview of the Millennium SpaBoom integration.

The following page contains the information necessary to have your Millennium system communicate with SpaBoom. The easiest way to complete this page is via the automatic set up within your Millennium system, which will complete this page for you.


Please note that credit card and financial information is not sent to Millennium. You will either need to process credit cards manually (by logging into SpaBoom), or you will need to acquire an online merchant account. Please contact SpaBoom for more information.

Before you begin

There are a couple of items to check before you begin. First, make sure you have the Spaboom specific SDK of Millennium (contact Harms if you are unsure about this). This specific version of Millennium is needed for the integration to work. Second, you will need to have a specific user for Spaboom set up in Millennium, and know what Drawer ID, Sold By, Referred By, and Gift Type ID you want to use for the gift certificates that are automatically entered into Millennium. Finally, before you begin you need to ensure that Millennium is turned on. Your Millennium computer will need to remain on to receive incoming gift certificates.

Please review our basic requirements, before you begin.

You may also be interested in reviewing our other documentation. See also:

Setting up the parameters within Millennium

The easiest way to fill this page out is from within Millennium itself.

Once complete, this page will be completely filled out for you. You can edit any information that you need to, however.

Of particular note is the Payment Type ID - you should fill this in for either Amazon or payment systems. Your payment system can give you guidance on what, exactly, should be filled in.

Sending gift certificates to Millennium

Checking this box will send all gift certificates automatically to Millennium. If for some reason, you do not want gift certificates automatically entered into Millennium, simply uncheck this box. Any gift certificates that have been entered but not yet sent over to Harms will still be sent over, but new gift certificates will not be transferred. You must have this box checked to send gift certificate information to Millennium.

Your IP Address
This is the IP (internet protocol) address of your Harms Millennium computer. If you do not know it, you can try using the link provided to display it for you. If you are still unsure about the IP address, please contact Spaboom for additional assistance.

The port can be thought of as a specific location within your IP address. In most cases this is set to 80, and you can find this number by inspecting your web server configuration. On the Harms Millennium computer, open the Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel). From the Control Panel, choose the Administrative Tools option, then open Internet Information Services. You will see your computer listed in the left hand pane (usually with the words "local computer"). Click the plus sign to expand the view. Next, click the plus sign on the Web Sites folder to expand it. Finally, right click on the Default Web Site icon and select the Properties menu item. If the Webs Site tab is not selected, select it in the properties window. The TCP Port appears in the upper portion of the window. If it is not 80, you will need to adjust this setting in the Harms Set Up Page (do not adjust the setting in properties window on your Millennium computer).

Millennium GUID
This is your unique GUID for your copy of Millennium. This information is needed to properly connect with your copy of Millennium. You can find the GUID in Millennium by using the menu path Data -> Business Information and Preferences, then choosing the "SDK" tab.

Millennium User
This is the specific user set up in Millennium for the gift certificate transactions. By having a specific user, you will be able to easily track the gift certificate sales.

Millennium Password
This is the password for the user you have set up.

Drawer ID
This is the cash drawer that you want all SpaBoom Gift Certificate sales to go into.

Sold By
This is the Millennium user you want all SpaBoom Gift Certificates to be considered sold by.

Referred By
This is the user you want all SpaBoom Gift Certificates to be considered referred by.

Gift Type ID

Verbose Mode
This checkbox is used for debugging purposes only and should only be checked if Spaboom asks you to. If you are having problems with your gift certificate transactions, please contact Spaboom for further instruction. We may set this checkbox for you as we resolve the problem, and will uncheck it when we are finished.

Millennium Status Errors

The "Duplicate" error occurs when the recipient's email is found in the system, but the name(s) associated with the email do not match. In order to prevent duplicate client records, the GC is instead added under the purchaser's name. Should you wish to assign the Gift Certificate purchase to the recipient, you can search for the GC in Millennium using the following command:


Where <IdNumber> is the 4-digit SpaBoom GC ID#

"Error adding Gift Certificate"

This error can have several causes.  The most common cause is an unrecognizable character in the client record, for instance a text character like ' being transcribed as &#39;.  To fix this error do the following:

  • From GCs click on the GC's ID number.
  • Click on the Purchaser's information (most common).
  • Remove the offending character code, do not replace it.
  • Save the change.
  • In the left column on the Gift Certificate's overview page click "reset attempts".
  • Millennium polls every 10 minutes, so check back in a bit and confirm that the transaction was given a ticket number successfully.

This error has also been reported to be caused by having multiple (triplicate ) records in Millennium.  It's not clear to us why this might cause "Error Adding Gift Certificate" instead of "Duplicate", but this issue may be also be resolved by eliminating duplicate or triplicate records.

It has also been reported that this can be caused by having identical emails in deleted duplicate records as well.  In this case you should remove the email address from the deleted record, then reset the attempts on that gift certificate.