Marketing: Simple Options

Why Simple?

Simply easy for you!  Control your own level of interaction and customization, from simply "turning it on" and letting your account generate themed email messages and specials for you, all the way to full control over what you send to your customers and when.

Keeping your existing clients while finding and "wow"ing new ones takes only a little bit of your time when you use our built-in tools.  We're making it even easier by introducing some new Premium features for your marketing toolbox:  Premium Marketing.  We are offering the Premium Marketing package as a way to pull in new clients, become more visible to those clients you already have, and increase your business's reach.

What's In It?

Glad you asked!  Here are the new features of Premium Marketing:

  • Birthday and Anniversary lists:  collect your client's information so that you can surprise them with a special offer during their month.
  • Offers:  Create any kind of special you'd like - from percentage off discounts to free products to bonus packages - and deliver them to your customers as one-time-use Instant Gift Certificates, using the designs you already know and love.
  • Collateral:  Templates to collect your customer's information through comment cards you can print for use in your business
  • Twitter:  send messages right from your boomtime account to all of your Twitter followers!
Our non-premium Marketing features still remain:
  • Email Marketing:  Send email campaigns to your customer base - custom designed by you, special holiday themed mailings we'll create on your behalf, or both!
  • Marketing Lists:  Allow your customers the ability to join targeted email lists, such as "Our Current News" or "Local In-House Events" - then they'll receive exactly the newsletters from you they are interested in.
  • Instant POP:  Create posters (Point Of Purchase displays) to remind your guests about your online Instant Gift Certificates and place them anywhere they'll catch client's attention - even on the front door!

Ok, Ok!  How?

To get started, we have a one-stop Premium Marketing Overview page.  You'll see the new look, learn the basics of each feature and how to get things rolling.

Show Me!

If you like to see things in action, give yourself a little jump-start with our Marketing Videos - each one is just 5 minutes and covers a piece of how to use our Marketing tools.