Adding Instant Gift Certificate Links to Your Website

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Your Instant Gift Certificates are ready to use. Check out:

Please copy & paste the following into the HTML of your website each place where you'd like a link to your Instant Gift Certificates:

<a href="" title="Design your gift certificate, preview it, and then send or print it immediately. Itís fast and easy!">Instant Gift Certificate</a>

Which will create this link:
Instant Gift Certificate

You can change the colors and font in Website.

Driving Instant Gift Certificate Sales

Your website probably has a navigation or menu bar, like the example to the right, allowing your customers to find what they need in your web page.

We recommend you use "Instant Gift Certificate" when linking to your Instant Gift Certificates (like the sample menu bar) in your navigation.

Consider adding a few more links and some enticing narrative will spark the curiosity of visitors to your site and increase your businesses' visibility as well as your Instant Gift Certificate sales. Some quick ideas to consider:

  • Put links in your main content on the front page, not just in the menu bar. 
  • A link in a graphic may look nice, but web users usually do not pay much attention to graphics, and web search sites like Google cannot index a graphical link.  Stick to text links.
  • If you have a What's New or Specials page, mentioning your new Instant Gift Certificate ability is the perfect opportunity to let your customers take advantage of its convenience for gifts and special occasions.

More details about targeted linking, website design to steer customers to your Instant Gift Certificates, and other goodies can be found in our Link Placement Guide.

Next Steps

  • Be sure to review Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Want help making the Instant Gift Certificate page look just like your website? We would be happy to do it for just $49.95. Learn More.